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What to look for in an industrial consultant

If you make the decision that you need the services of an industrial consultant, I am going to discuss some of the characteristics that you should be looking for when you select one.

First and foremost, I would be looking for someone with an executive career in the industrial products manufacturing sector. The nuances of an industrial manufacturing company are such that anyone with broad experience in many different markets/businesses not in the industrial products manufacturing sector would not be optimal.

I believe another key criterion would be to search for someone that offers best practice consulting across most, if not all functions in your organization as well as strategy, acquisition, and leadership training. That way, you can receive advice that cuts across the entire organization rather than just a specific function such as “lean manufacturing.”

After you have narrowed the candidates for your consulting assignment, spend time talking to the perspective consultant looking for cultural fit, the consultant’s approach to providing possible solutions to your problem/opportunity, and the ability given to you by the potential consultant to derive an ROI.

Warren Martin


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