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The Oft overlooked source of profitability

I often think about what made us so successful during my tenure at Weir Minerals North America. Great people for certain. Available market growth opportunities, absolutely. I keep coming back to the things we did with our support structure and operational capabilities as THE key factor . I am certain that we would have failed had it not been for the work we did with our support infrastructure. We prepared the internal functions of the business to be capable of accepting all the business we were gaining without falling into chaos. Most people I talk to and deal with don’t realize how much money there is to be made (or lost) with functional processes that are or are not not world class. We worked incredibly hard on doing everything necessary to optimize our processes to get cycle time down. Because of these efforts, we were able to actually process the increased incoming orders, get them through the shop, and ship them to the customer on time without complete chaos ensuing. We made a ton of money because of it. If your support processes are efficient, it can make your business a lot of money. If not, you are going to have internal chaos, infighting, blame game, and unhappy customers who will go to a competitor the next time around.

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