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Manufacturing Consulting 

Leveraging 15 Consulting as your Manufacturing Consultant will create substantial enhancements  to your bottom line by increasing the efficiency of your factory. In the last 12 years of my corporate career, the greatest impact on the bottom line of my businesses came from the improvements that we made in our factories.

15 Consulting can help you achieve similar results in your manufacturing operation. I will start by analyzing the bottlenecks, define the solutions, and provide execution support. Here is what I will focus my attention on improving and implementing and in this order:

  • Define “as is” Value Stream
  • Capacity Planning (understand what max capacity is for each point in current state value stream)
  • Scheduling – Match orders with current state capacity of each point in current value stream
  • We are ready to begin reducing waste in the value stream, thereby increasing available capacity
  • Flow – Minimize the movement of materials through the factory
  • 5S – Attain, a clean, neat, and organized factory in every aspect
  • SMED – Limit changeovers to less than 10 minutes
  • TPM – Planned maintenance to eliminate downtime
  • OEE – How much of the time the machine is manned is the spindle turning? What are the causes for idle spindle time?
  • Pull Systems
  • Visual shop -Andon lights
  • World class safety and environmental programs
  • World class quality program
  • Measure results – productivity, efficiency, velocity improvement
  • Celebrate success

If your manufacturing operation is causing you problems or in a state of chaos trying to get orders out, let’s have a conversation about what our Manufacturing Consulting can do to help you achieve outstanding performance in your manufacturing operation. You can email me at

warren@15consulting.com, to set up a time to talk, or call/text me at 815-988-4562 at your convenience.

"Over the past decade I have personally seen Warren Martin completely overhaul multiple companies from a poor performing organization to a streamlined, efficient and profitable entity. Warren has the vision required to see past the present and look to what the company potential could be. Warren is a very straightforward direct leader that is honest, ethical and has the highest integrity."
mitch pezzi
Mitch Pezzi
Principal, Kissick Engineered Products and Services
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Business Analysis and Turnaround

Who this is for: Businesses that are under-performing, stagnant, or in trouble.

What we help with: I’ll complete an initial function-by-function, detailed review of processes as well as people to identify problem areas and provide recommendations for improvement in each area with quantified top and bottom line impact. From there we’ll be available to augment and support the execution process to ensure results are delivered.

Typical business impact: The business is out of the weeds. Profitability improves from < 0% to 5% EBITA/Sales. A continued plan for success is in place.


Profit Optimization and Growth Planning

Who this is for: Owners who have an objective in place to increase profitability and/or grow revenues but aren’t sure what next steps to take or are having difficulty executing.

What we help with: I’ll analyze your processes for opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency, investigate your overall market for opportunities to gain share, review your innovation process for new product development, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your distribution channels. From there I’ll map out a pathway to increased profits and growth, as well as help bring those results to fruition.

Typical business impact: The business improves from 5% to 10-15% EBITA/Sales. A plan for sustainable revenue growth is in place. The Owner/CEO feels confident in the plan and can prioritize time and resources accordingly.

strategic planning

Strategic Planning 

Who this is for: Owners/CEOs and executive teams who need assistance developing and facilitating an effective strategic plan that positions the business for success.

What I help with: This is an area of expertise. I can assist in market sizing, competitor analysis, self assessment, and all components required to develop a great strategic plan. I’ll help you take what usually ends up being an annual exercise that produces a plan thrown in a drawer with no results to speak of and turn it into a valuable tool that becomes the foundation of your business and the roadmap to future growth. I’ll facilitate this process for your company as well as providing the templates that need to be completed.

Typical business impact: An excellent strategic plan ends up functioning as the measuring stick for the ambitions of the leadership of the company. When executed, it will deliver and, many times, exceed the expectations of the organization.

acquisition assistance

Acquisition Assistance

Who this is for: Owners in the process of acquiring a business or conducting a partnership buyout and need assistance with due diligence and executing the transaction.

What I help with: I can assist with accurate valuation and financial due diligence, as well as operational due diligence to uncover potential issues that are lurking underneath the surface that could negatively impact the ROI of the transaction or investment when discovered after the fact. I also help with post-acquisition integration: discovering and executing on the identified synergies that will yield ROI that meets or exceeds initial projections.

Typical business impact: The buyer feels good about the acquisition process and is able to generate a meaningful ROI on the purchase and integrate the new business into existing operations.


In addition to the primary services 15 Consulting offers industrial and capital goods manufacturers, below is a listing of additional services that we can provide directly and through partnerships.

  • Sales channel optimization – Choosing the right sales channels for your business and the optimizing the performance of those channels are critical to driving growth. I can provide assistance and guidance in making these key decisions.
  • Enhancing your Marketing Function – Many people think of Marketing as advertising and promotion. It should be far more than that if you want to derive the maximum benefit from the organization. Competitor analysis, new product development input, market size/market share, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), product pricing, and the quote through order entry process value stream are areas that your Marketing organization should be driving to position your firm optimally.
  • Innovation – Constant innovation is something that I hold as a core competency of winning industrial manufacturers. There has to be a disciplined process in place to yield the right result in a timely manner. I can assist in directing that effort.
  • Risk Management – Strangely enough, I find that a lot of industrial manufacturing firms do not have a risk management plan in place and don’t actively manage risk. Unpleasant surprises happen in business and it is always best to be prepared. I can lead the effort to put your plan in place.
  • Supply Chain Management – A properly functioning Supply Chain Management team is one of the most important components of your business. After all, where is the majority of your industrial manufacturing company dollars spent? For this reason alone, the Supply Chain function should be operating most optimally and delivering real results that positively impact both the income statement and balance sheet. I can deliver these results by working with your Supply Chain team.
  • Execution – This is another area I identify as a must have core competency for winners in the industrial manufacturing space. I have 15 years of senior level executive experience on successfully driving execution that I will share as well as tools for monitoring and measuring.
  • HR & Labor Relations – I partner with an expert in this field who has 40 years’ experience in implementing proper HR practices as well as negotiating labor agreements.
  • Finance, Accounting, Tax – I partner with another consultant in this field who has 35 years C suite experience in these areas. He and his team can assist in audit, tax, and implementation of financial and accounting best practice.
  • Leadership Training – I partner with a professional leadership trainer who has been successfully doing this on her own for the past 25 years. I used her when I ran my businesses. She is outstanding at sorting out dysfunctional organizations and training leaders on how to work together for a common purpose.
  • Website Development/Enhancement – I partner with a professional website development firm. This is their only business and they are very good at it.

If you need some very specific help in any of these areas, you can email me at

warren@15consulting.com, to set up a time to talk, or call/text me at 815-988-4562 at your convenience.

Think 15 Consulting could be a fit for your business?

If you’d like to explore whether there’s an opportunity to help your firm grow and increase profitability, let’s have a conversation and see where we go from there and determine if we’d be a fit.

Send me an email at warren@15consulting.com to coordinate a time that works for you. I’m also available at (815) 988-4562.