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How to find a good manufacturing consultant

If I was running a business and found my manufacturing operations lacking, I would try and pinpoint the cause as best possible. If I determined that lack of knowledge/experience in my team to implement the many principles of manufacturing excellence, I might turn to a consultant for help.

In selecting this consultant, I would be looking for someone who had real experience in implementing lean manufacturing in various operational settings with proven and quantifiable results. Their experience should be in multiple industrial and capital goods manufacturing companies (where I specialize). Results from those experiences and references should be made readily available to you by the perspective consultant.

 Some of the performance measurables would include KPI’s such as increased velocity of products moving through the plant, improved productivity and efficiency, quality and waste reduction costs, safety record improvements, and reduced working capital costs. This experience should be for multiple industrial and capital goods manufacturers

The next things I would be examining would be personality and culture fit, teamwork approach, and the ability to quantify an ROI.

If any of the above are missing or not made available to you by the perspective consultant, keep looking.

Warren Martin


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