Industrial Consulting Services

Most industrial consulting firms will tell you that the best products in the market will win and guide you in that direction. Sure, there’s no arguing that a great product performance is an absolute. But that’s just the first step toward success. Can you consistently outperform your competition in delivery time, product service, life cycle cost, quality and performance? Are you constantly looking to innovate? How well are you executing your plan?  Each of the aforementioned require great functional processes and the ability to consistently execute them to perfection.

In all businesses, especially those that are industrial product manufacturers, the ability to execute is what separates great businesses who achieve sector best results from those that are average performers at best.

At 15 Consulting, we do things differently. Our execution-focused services are built around assessing your company’s opportunities for meaningful improvement and defining an executable plan that quantifies the impact on your financial statements.

Because I am willing to assist or lead the execution of the recommendations I make for improvement to the business, I provide the CEO/Owner of the business with a level of comfort knowing that I am invested in their success.

By doing so, we help owners of industrial products manufacturing firms achieve meaningful  top and bottom line results and an excellent return on their investment in 15 Consulting. 

"Over the past decade I have personally seen Warren Martin completely overhaul multiple companies from a poor performing organization to a streamlined, efficient and profitable entity. Warren has the vision required to see past the present and look to what the company potential could be. Warren is a very straightforward direct leader that is honest, ethical and has the highest integrity."
mitch pezzi
Mitch Pezzi
Principal, Kissick Engineered Products and Services
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Business Analysis and Turnaround

Who this is for: Businesses that are under-performing, stagnant, or in trouble.

What we help with: We’ll complete an initial function-by-function, detailed review of processes as well as people to identify problem areas and provide recommendations for improvement in each area with quantified top and bottom line impact. From there we’ll be available to augment and support the execution process to ensure results are delivered.

Typical business impact: The business is out of the weeds. Profitability improves from < 0% to 5% EBITA/Sales. A continued plan for success is in place.


Profit Optimization and Growth Planning

Who this is for: Owners who have an objective in place to increase profitability and/or grow revenues but aren’t sure what next steps to take or are having difficulty executing.

What we help with: We’ll analyze your processes for opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency, investigate your overall market for opportunities to gain share, review your innovation process for new product development, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your distribution channels. From there we’ll map out a pathway to increased profits and growth, as well as help bring those results to fruition.

Typical business impact: The business improves from 5% to 10-15% EBITA/Sales. A plan for sustainable revenue growth is in place. The Owner/CEO feels confident in the plan and can prioritize time and resources accordingly.

strategic planning

Industrial Products Strategic Planning 

Who this is for: Owners/CEOs and executive teams who need assistance developing and facilitating an effective strategic plan that positions the business for success.

What we help with: This is an area of expertise. We can assist in market sizing, competitor analysis, self assessment, and all components required to develop a great strategic plan. We’ll help you take what usually ends up being an annual exercise that produces a plan thrown in a drawer with no results to speak of and turn it into a valuable tool that becomes the foundation of your business and the roadmap to future growth. We’ll facilitate this process for your company as well as providing the templates that need to be completed.

Typical business impact: An excellent strategic plan ends up functioning as the measuring stick for the ambitions of the leadership of the company. When executed, it will deliver and, many times, exceed the expectations of the organization.

acquisition assistance

Acquisition Assistance

Who this is for: Owners in the process of acquiring a business or conducting a partnership buyout and need assistance with due diligence and executing the transaction.

What we help with: We can assist with accurate valuation and financial due diligence, as well as operational due diligence to uncover potential issues that are lurking underneath the surface that could negatively impact the ROI of the transaction or investment when discovered after the fact. We also help with post-acquisition integration: discovering and executing on the identified synergies that will yield ROI that meets or exceeds initial projections.

Typical business impact: The buyer feels good about the acquisition process and is able to generate a meaningful ROI on the purchase and integrate the new business into existing operations.


Small Business Mentorship

Who this is for: Owners who are stuck in the day-to-day of the business without the time to tackle the long-term issues and objectives necessary to grow and improve.

What we help with: We help business owners/CEO’s through periodic counseling and ongoing mentoring sessions. We assist and advise on prioritization of tasks and help define an execution plan to deliver improvements in their business that will make the biggest difference to top and bottom line in the shortest period of time. We spend time in the business, familiarizing ourselves with the processes, existing and potential customers, suppliers, and people. Leaning on our best practice experience from many years of successfully running businesses, we can then guide business owners on prioritized plans of action that deliver immediate results and assist in the execution of these plans if needed.

Typical business impact: The Owner/CEO knows exactly what to prioritize every week in order to move the business forward, and that certainty translates directly into action and financial results.

Think 15 Consulting could be a fit for your industrial products manufacturing business?

If you’d like to explore whether there’s an opportunity to help your industrial products manufacturing firm grow and increase profitability, let’s have a conversation and see where we go from there and determine if we’d be a fit.

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