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Winning in the 21st Century: Business Principles & Processes That Really Work

“Winning in the 21st Century: Business Principles & Processes That Really Work” provides the reader with key principles and processes, best practices, and personal experiences on how to operate a business to achieve consistent success. I have often said that if I had known what I know now in my first President’s role, I could have done so much more to drive that business to even greater success.

This book provides the reader (CEO’s, Presidents, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and those aspiring to these positions) with real life examples and straight to the point principles, processes, and best practices that made all the difference in the world for me in my 15-year career operating winning businesses. Most business books that I have read tell the reader what to do. My book not only tells the reader what to do, but also explains how to do it with text and illustrations.

The inspiration for this book came from a couple of experiences that I had in my consulting business with young business owners. They were very smart people but didn’t know what they didn’t know. I figured that there must be a lot more business leaders out there that were in their same position. It was not their fault, they just had not been exposed to a lot of the best practices and personal experiences that are in this book. Thus, this book was written for those many business leaders, people aspiring to become business leaders, as well as those who yearn to learn new concepts and ideas, but have yet to experience the material in this book. It matters not the size of the business or the sector. There are worthwhile principles, best practices,and personal experiences that can be put to good use in most all businesses.

 There are (43) illustrations in the book. I pulled (27) from the book that I thought could be of use to you in your own business. Just click on the “Shop” bar on this website and buy the chart(s) you like for $2 each. Get a free chart by adding your information to my contact list.

 If you have any questions arising out of reading the book or would like me to present/speak about the contents of the book to your team or industry group, you can contact me at warren@15consulting.com. If you need help implementing any of the processes and principles defined in the book, please contact me at the email address above or my mobile, 815-988-4562.

I would be honored to accept an invitation to speak to you and your team or industry group about the significance of the content in this book and its applicability to your own business. Also, I would be more than happy to accept an assignment to help you and your team implement the many principles and processes discussed in the book into your business.

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