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Industrial and Capital Goods Manufacturers

Leading Industrial and Capital Goods Manufacturing Consultant

I provide consulting services  for industrial and capital goods manufacturing companies. My services result in meaningful improvement to top and bottom line as well as free cash flow. As a strategic industrial consultant, drawing on 15 years of world class executive leadership experience, I offer executable options for solutions to your everyday and long term challenges as well as  “boots on the ground” execution support. Importantly, I will always respect your financial confidentiality and the pride you have in doing things your way. I will not tell you that you are doing something wrong. I will give you options on how your own processes might be improved to yield better and quantifiable results.

Helping you improve the performance of your business within the parameters of what you are asking from me is my mission. Understanding that I am working for you and under your direction is a given. Exceeding your expectations for the assignment that you hired me for will always be my goal. I have devoted my entire career to optimizing manufacturers’ performance and providing a hands on, execution driven approach. With 15 Consulting you can expect top tier industrial products consulting with a willingness to respect your financial confidentiality and offer possible solutions to problems and options for process improvement. I will always be respectful of the personal ownership that you feel for doing things your way. I will not tell you that “you are doing this or that wrong.” You have built your business doing things your way and that is to be commended rather than corrected. Instead, my intent will be to help you and your team deliver meaningful improvement of the key processes and metrics that impact your bottom line. My hands on and inclusive/team oriented approach will provide you with lasting tools for continuing success (Your Way) after I have concluded my participation in the project. A recent manufacturing consulting success story with State Metal Hose can be found below:

state metal hose logo
“Warren consulted me during the purchase of my small company and I can honestly say that I am forever thankful for his assistance with helping me achieve my dream.”
tj decamp
Thomas R. DeCamp Jr.
CEO, State Metal Hose, Inc.

Case Study: State Metal Hose

We helped State Metal Hose navigate a messy acquisition, achieve a profitable transaction, and put the foundation in place to double their sales in 2019.

To: You the Owner/President/CEO

Chances are, like every other owner in the industrial and capital goods manufacturing sector, you’re always on the hunt for ways to improve the bottom line, increase sales, and beat the competition.

Unfortunately, there’s only one of you, an ever-increasing to-do list, and a full-time business to run full of day-to-day fire drills and personnel emergencies.I know. I spent over 15 years of my career there. It’s at this point you start to think about bringing in some outside help. The problem is, most consultants show up at your business, look at your operation, write a report giving recommendations, and leave. But then what happens? This is why most consulting engagements don’t ever create meaningful bottom-line results for the business.

You and I both know that your path to success isn’t paved with “warm and fuzzy” business book quotes but instead, sound strategy, disciplined execution, and a commitment to delivering results. I’ve built my career on doing just that. I’m ready and willing to get my hands dirty and see the project through to a successful conclusion by assisting or leading the execution of those recommended improvements to deliver top and bottom line impact swiftly. My job isn’t done until quantifiable improvements show up on your Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet.

So, if you are ready to take that first step forward to start the process of unlocking the full potential of your business, we should have a conversation.

Email me at warren@15consulting.com and we’ll coordinate a time that works with your schedule.

Warren Martin
Founder, 15 Consulting

warren martin headshot

"Over the past decade I have personally seen Warren Martin completely overhaul multiple companies from a poor performing organization to a streamlined, efficient and profitable entity. Warren has the vision required to see past the present and look to what the company potential could be. Warren is a very straightforward direct leader that is honest, ethical and has the highest integrity."
mitch pezzi
Mitch Pezzi
Principal, Kissick Engineered Products and Services
"I enthusiastically endorse Warren Martin's services. Warren's diverse experiences and track record of success in several industries enable him to cut to the heart of the matter. Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle to systematically understand the key drivers of their businesses and the markets they serve. Warren fills this void with his rare combination of talent and experience. He has been there and done it many times over."
dan levi
Dan Levi
President at Flecha Consulting Group
"Warren's passion for all aspects of a business is second to none. He not only understands, but can dissect the idiosyncrasies of markets, suppliers, customers, processes and functional areas of a business as well as their relationships. In doing so, he is able to bring new life and profitability to an organization along with discipline and strong internal control."
andrea simon
Andrea Simon
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, MasterBrands Cabinets Inc.

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