Consulting for Small to Medium size Industrial Products companies
15 Consulting

Tier 1 Results

Most all consultants have experience and knowledge in the areas that you are hiring them. How many have actually had success in their prior professional lives delivering great results? I did so by delivering Tier 1 CAGR {Compounded Annual Growth Rate} in EBITA growth in my businesses over the final eleven years of my career.  I will be determined to deliver those same results for you. 


Execution - Assist or Lead

I am willing to get my hands dirty! I won't just show up at your business, look at your operation, write a report giving recommendations and leave. I am willing to see the project through to a successful conclusion by assisting or leading the execution of those recommended improvements that will deliver top and bottom line impact swiftly.Results that can be expected by using 15 Consulting's services are quantifiable improvements that can be seen on the Income Statement, Cash Flow, and Balance sheet.
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Skin in the game

I am so confident that by using my methods for success in your business I can deliver great results, I am willing to put skin in the game. After an initial assessment, I will identify areas of focus and quantify the potential results to be obtained with a complete execution of the recommendations. If you choose to use me in assisting or leading the execution, I will put a substantial portion of my fee at risk based on delivering the identified potential results. I have already done so for State Metal Hose. See Testimonial tab and read the review by the owner.
"15 Consulting's experience with Strategic Planning and the industrial markets is extremely helpful.  I strongly recommend consulting with Warren for planning, executing and growing their businesses." Read more.