Consulting for Small to Medium size Industrial Products companies
15 Consulting Service Offering

 Business Analysis/ Turnaround 

 If your business is under-performing, stagnant, or in trouble, 15 Consulting can get you headed back in the right direction. The project would involve a function by function, detailed review of processes as well as people. Ability to execute and strategy would be reviewed.
Upon completion, 15 Consulting will present a detailed report with recommendations for improvement in each area and quantify the top and bottom line impact. Should the client want assistance from 15 Consulting in executing the recommendations, I will risk the majority of my fee on delivering the quantified results.


If you are looking to grow profitability and are spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get going, 15 Consulting can help.  I will look at all processes in the business for opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency. I will investigate your overall market for opportunities to gain share, look at your innovation process for new product development, and understand the strength and weaknesses of your distribution channels. When complete, I will compile a report of my findings quantifying the opportunity for growth. I will also identify specific areas for action that need to be taken. Should the client be interested in my help with execution, I will risk the majority of my fee on delivering the quantified results.

Acquisition Assistance

I have just successfully completed an A-Z acquisition for a client in 2018 (see testimonial on State Metal Hose). I have been through a number of acquisitions and can be the lead on smaller deals. Operational Due Diligence is another area where I can deliver real value to the client. I know where to look to identify operational risks and prevent unwanted surprises after closing. Acquisition Integration assistance is another area where i have significant experience that can benefit the small to medium size business. 

Strategic Planning

Is Strategic Planning an afterthought in your company? Is it something that is done by the Finance organization only?  Is it something that is done once per year or every three years and then thrown in the drawer until the next cycle comes around? If so, 15 Consulting can help you make it a valuable tool that becomes the foundation of your business and the road map to future prosperity and growth of your company.
I will facilitate this process for your company as well as providing the templates that need to be completed. An excellent strategic plan will usually be a measuring stick for the ambitions of the leadership of the company. When properly executed, it will deliver, and many times, exceed the expectations of the organization. Let me help you deliver your vision!

Mentoring for Small Business

In small businesses, owners are so overwhelmed with just getting the day-to-day work done, they really don't have time for anything else. Perhaps they are thinking," if I just had the time, perhaps I could concentrate on other things such as strategy, improving processes, reducing costs." Or, small business owners don't know what they don't know and long for someone to show/teach them. Being a small business, the money they have for extra spending on things like this is limited. Therefore, if they take a chance on someone, there better be immediate returns on the investment.
15 Consulting is perfectly suited for this task. I did it with State Metal Hose (See Testimonial), and my broad business background enables me to do the same for you. I'm willing to risk a significant portion of my fee to deliver the predicted results.

Safety and Risk Management

These are two areas that are critical to running a business effectively. My businesses had exemplary safety track records in safety for good reason. I paid a lot of attention to it and it is the right thing to do. I can help you put in or refine your safety program to get world class results.
As far as risk management is concerned, it is something that needs to be done by the senior team, but often is not in smaller businesses. Huge risks to the entity can be lurking without the knowledge of ownership. I'll identify these risks and assist you and your team in formatting a comprehensive risk mitigation plan that encompasses all aspects of your business, both existing and potential. Once this is in place, you will sleep better at night.

Operational Excellence

 How we achieve operational excellence is unique for each of the companies we work with. In fact, you have to consider components of lean, six sigma, as well as addressing other needs. This is an often overlooked area by many businesses. If executed properly,  a large bottom line impact can be realized in a short period of time. Need someone to help execute? I'll quantify potential bottom line impact and bet a large portion of my fee on delivering those results.