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by Warren Martin, Founder on November 21st, 2013

LEAPPS – The formula for winning in business in the 21st century
My acronym, LEAPPS, for winning in the global business world in the 21st century stands for leadership, people, process, and strategy. In my view, companies cannot achieve sustained success without excelling in all of these areas.
Leadership – A company must have leaders who are passionate about winning and create an environment that enables their people to succeed. Leadership establishes a culture that seeks to be best in class and settles for nothing less. Leaders reward good performance and are not people who seek credit for themselves. Leaders have the ability to plan for the future while managing the present. They are often described as visionary. Most of all, leaders have courage. They will make the hard decisions when needed and be wise enough to listen to the opinions of others. Their integrity is beyond reproach.
People – No matter how good the product, the strategy, the delivery, or the quality may be, a company will not win consistently in the 21st global business world without great people. Such people are among the best at their craft, passionate about their work, want desperately for their company to win, and espouse the values of their company on a daily basis. The top priority of company leadership should be to hire, develop, lead, and fill their organization with these people. The antithesis of this requires leaders to cull the opposite of these type people from the organization.
Process – Having good people and leaders without process excellence usually leads to mediocrity or even failure. Leadership and people in the company must commit to constantly improving processes in all functions. Great processes, combined with leadership and people, usually will lead to sector best performance in the short term.
Strategy – Sustainable excellence in today’s business world requires a strategic plan that is both visionary and functional. Visionary without the ability to execute is worthless. On the other hand, an executable strategic plan that misses the ability to define future opportunities, as well as potential threats, most often leads the company down an unsustainable path. Thus, the strategy that will yield long term excellence and consistently good results combines vision as well as execution.
In conclusion, if you want sustainable sector best performance for your enterprise, make sure that your business LEAPPS into the future.
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