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Taking Your Eye off the ball
by Warren Martin, Founder on August 16th, 2013

Taking your eye off the ball

Throughout business history, there are many case studies on companies that were at the top and crashed and burned because they took their eye off the ball and rested on their laurels. Examples of this recently might be JC Penney, Dell, and RIM. For the moment, let's use RIM as an example. Just a few years ago, they were all the rage with their globally accepted product, the Blackberry. Now, they are on the verge of disappearing from the fast moving tech landscape. Why? I believe that the answers lie in not being continually paranoid about competition, complacency, being slow to innovate, and not going through a robust strategic planning process. Great leadership puts emphasis on constantly innovating to stay ahead of competitors, never being satisfied, and going through a robust and forward looking strategic planning process that not only takes advantage of future opportunities but also prepares the enterprise for the coming risks and changing landscape of today's global business environment.

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